Stuffed Animal Humper

shamed dog that gives love to stuffed animals

I hump every stuffed toy I find. Source

That dog doesn’t looked shamed at all.  In fact it looks like next dog shaming sign is going to read, “I hump cameras”

I hump every stuffed toy I find.

Food Thief

Food thief

I steal my brother’s food while he is outside. Source

I wonder if his brother is a another dog?

Dog Shaming Hall of Fame The Sniffer

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Dog Sniffer

I sniff every woman’s crotch that enters this house.

No dog shaming picture would be complete without, shaming the funniest Lab we’ve ever had, CC. CC does a lot of crazy stuff, so stay tuned for more dog shaming pictures of her.

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TP tube eater

TP eater

I love Empty Toilet Paper Tubes Source

I wonder if eating TP rolls qualify as a fiber treat?


I shall be shameful

shamed dog, I shall be shameful

Sometimes when my mom leaves me home alone I poop on the floor. Source


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Cat Humper – Shamed Dog or Horn Dog

The Cat Humper

I like to hump this cat. Source

The cat doesn’t look too thrilled.


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