Sticky Lick Part 2

I will GLADLY lick your face right after I lick my butt.

What a kind offer.  Check out our first dog shaming picture of a Sticky Lick.

Gerber Retriever II

If a dog can etch a sketch, I think you can overlook the Gerber fixation.

Also check out the original Gerber Retriever.

The K9 Juggernaut

After my mom leaves for work I head-Butt the trashcan until knocks over every day.

Gerber Retriever

I steal snacks from the baby.

Ironic, considering Labs are known to be the best with children.


Hide the Sausage


I hid meat in the couch   Source

This dog looks he up to no good.

Max the Coco Fiend

I eat Christmas Chocolates and Their Wrappers

I eat Christmas Chocolates and Their Wrappers

Max likes to eat anything and everything he can get his paws on, including Christmas Chocolates and their wrappers.


So you have some funny dog shaming pictures? Not sure where to send them, where to post them? Send them to us and we will post them.

Red Red Wine

Dog spills wine

I got excited and spilled my grandpa’s red wine on the white carpet

Poor dog, I guess it would have been better if he spilled white whine on a red carpet.

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