Eliminate Red Eye

How can you reduce the “glowing eyes” or “red eyes” that happens to dogs when you photograph them?  In humans, red eye is the flash reflecting off the retina.  Since it’s usually dark the retina is enlarged, which gives the flash a larger area to reflect off.  For humans the simple solution is usually to flood the room with light which forces the pupil to shrink.

For dogs however, the “glowing eyes” or “red eyes” is a reflection result of a special membrane that covers the eyes of most animals.  You can minimize this effect by not taking the picture with your dog looking directly at you.  This solution might not produce the best dog shaming picture.  One of the key fundamentals in the shame is to see your dogs eyes.


I like Deer Turds

I like Deer Turds

This dog shaming picture was taken outside later in the day, you can definitely see the flash reflection.

This picture was taken indoors with a flash, you can see the reflection of the flash in the oven.

Another solution and probably the easiest, would be to flood the room with light and try not to use the flash or just wait until it is light outside and let the sun in.

This dog shaming picture was taken in a bright room, so no flash was needed, resulting in a perfect picture.


Good luck in photographing your dog pictures.  When they are done and they are ready for the world to see, be sure to submit your pictures here.