Dogshaming Don’ts

Who doesn’t love dog shaming? Dog are always up to shenanigans, and the shaming ideas are endless. However there are mistakes to be made when shaming your dog. The following is a list of DON’TS when it comes to taking shamed pictures of your pooch.

1.  Don’t use notebook paper.  The paper can not be flimsy

2.  Don’t use pen or pencil for your sign, if its hard to read it wont be funny

3.  Don’t write the sign in cursive, print works the best

4.  Don’t be generic with the shame.  There are plenty of dog shaming pictures that have the following

  • eat poop
  • go poop
  • hump legs
  • food thief

5.  Don’t have humans in the picture

6.  Try not to use a flash.  Dog’s eyes light up like Christmas trees when flashes are used.

7.  Don’t hoard the picture, let the world see your dog shaming picture.