Dog Shaming – The Art of Putting a Naughty K9 to Shame

There are many cultures around the world that believe in the fine art of shaming.  With shaming, a person has to do something humiliating with the purpose of teaching a valuable lesson.  However, would this really work for a dog?  Does making your dog do something embarrassing for the purposes of making them feel shame really teach the lesson it is supposed to?  Do dogs really care what the world thinks of them?  And for that matter, do they really care what you think of them?  What if the shaming isn’t really supposed to teach the dog anything, but meant to teach the owner a lesson.  But what would that lesson be?  Humor, forgiveness or could it be not to judge a dog for being a dog.

Regardless of the lesson, dog shaming is quiet easy.  All you need is a camera, a dog and a sign.  But those ingredients only produces an average shaming picture.  If you want your dog to stand out, you need to add a dash of creativity.  Dogs really only do a finite number of mischievous things to shame them over.  Try not to be generic, try to be exact try to be unique.

Which sign would be funnier?  I eat money or I ate a fifty and I didn’t give change.  I like to hump legs or I love doing the nasty nasty to a sexy leg in Levis.  I bark for no reason or I bark when I want to bark and I don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Let’s face it Dog Shaming is really about the owner.  Sure you need a dog for it, but every dog has it’s quirks and so does every human.  So good luck with your dog shaming pictures and be sure to submit them here,