The Couch Commandos

Someone’s couch recently was sent to the furniture store in the sky by one of the most photogenic pack of rascals in sometime.

Willow-The Commander

Willow the couch commander

Hello, I’m Willow. In my grandma’s eyes I am perfect………….I most likely started the couch destroying party.

Mukluk-The Shredder

Dog picture of a couch cushion shredder

Hi, My name is Mukluk and I am a couch shredder…………….I’m cute.

Cash-The K9 Disposal

Cash the dog eats qtips, cushions and cookies.

Hello, my name is Cash. I eat Q-Tips and Couch Cushions. (can I have a cookie?!?)

Cowboy-The Fall Guy

Dog picture: Watching his commrades destroy the couch.

Hello. My name is Cowboy! I am lazy, so I watch everyone eat the couch and then take the blame.


Shamed Dog welcomes the Sofa Squad to the Dog Shaming Hall of Fame!